What Will I Experience During a Past Life Regression?


Sometimes people achieve a very deep state of hypnosis and then, during the past life recall, slip into strong accents, completely different personalities, they cry, laugh out loud, get angry. These are less common, however. Most people describe feeling as though they are remembering something that happened a long time ago.

Is a past-life regression safe?

Yes. If there is something a person truly cannot handle emotionally, the subconscious will not allow the information to get through and the memories and images cease. Also, should a traumatic event come up, the client is simply directed to describe what’s happening as though it were a movie. They easily understand that, even though it may seem as so, the event really isn’t happening right now; and the session continues.

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  1. my daughter has social anxiety and leaving the house has become almost painful. when she is around people (even friends) she feels she needs to drink or do drugs to relax and communicate. and these other options have led her into some bad situations. she is not working at this time for job interviews and working around the public is quite hard.

    • Social anxiety could stem from something that happened during youth, as with many things, but there have been many cases of reincarnation where a person was killed or ostracized or banished to die outside in the elements only because of something that was said or done in public. That person dies and then returns into another life with one dominant thought, “If only I had kept my mouth shut.” Or, “if only I hadn’t done that around people.” Whatever the cause, the solution to things like this are often quite fascinating. Please contact me.

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