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Holiday Special – Hypnosis session gift certificates

This year, give something truly unique — Berkshire Hypnosis Gift Certificates.

Hypnosis can be used for so many things – stress, smoking, weight loss, phobias, addictions, and many others.  Something people often forget is that hypnosis sessions are extremely relaxing.  Since each session is recorded onto a CD, someone can have their own personalized hypnotic journey that they can listen to anytime they wish!

For just the months of November and December, we are offering discounted sessions for anyone purchasing a gift certificate:

How many sessions?

Shhh…  Here’s a little secret…
Should you wish, you don’t have to give these away.  You can use the sessions however you’d like.

Which Should You Choose?

How do you decide if you want one session or three or five?

One session is good for things such as smoking cessation, fingernail biting, or just giving yourself a personal deep relaxation healing session to use and listen to in the future.  I can guarantee that you’ll feel less stressed and that you’ll sleep better, if nothing else.

Three and five sessions offer too many options to list.  Generally, when someone would like to get to the heart of an issue and really explore a personal challenge or issue so they can finally move on, 3 to 5 sessions are what’s best.  The first session will lay down the foundation so that the future exploration can be extremely beneficial.

Often there are some who are interested in exploring past lives or enhancing or pursuing certain spiritual avenues.  Others want to enhance their immune systems or get assistance in healing or diminishing pain.

Whichever you choose, we are confident you or the recipient of your gift certificate will be very happy.


If you’re interested in making an appointment or would simply like to have a few questions answered, please call or text 413-358-8285.

You can also comment below or email

Many questions may be answered through the articles on this site.  Please explore.

And if there’s a topic or article you’d like to see discussed, feel free to leave a suggestion.  Thank you.


  6 Responses to “Give Something Truly Unique”

  1. I was wondering how much hypnosis sessions cost. Can hypnosis be used to build confidence, optimism, and help someone become more outgoing?

    • Sessions cost $90 (which includes a CD recording of the session). 3 or more sessions are $60/session (up-front). 5 or more sessions are $50/session.

      Hypnosis can help someone become more comfortable with themselves. Confidence, optimism, and being more outgoing are simply a positive side-effect of this.

  2. Can Hypnosis help me to sleep, I have been taking med for about 5 years, it only give about 4,or 5 hours the most.

    • Yes, hypnosis is very effective for this. In fact, a SIDE EFFECT of hypnosis sessions is usually better sleep. I have developed a session specifically for people suffering insomnia. I record this personalized session onto a CD so that you can listen to it as you fall asleep. No drugs. No issues. Just deep, restful sleep. You’ll be amazed as how much better you feel.

  3. Can hypnosis help me quit smoking? How does it work? I am very interested in quiting. Thank you

    • Statistically, hypnosis has the greatest success when used to help quit smoking. How does it work? It somehow connects those parts of you that WANT to quit smoking with the other parts that can help you actually do it. Many people WANT to quit, but they need that little push from somewhere else. That push can very effectively come from your subconscious, which is where hypnosis comes in. Read other articles on this site and others and you’ll get greater insight.

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