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Have you made a New Year’s Resolution?

Just last month, I was flying home and sat next to a garbage man.  He said, “I never expected to be independently wealthy, but here I am!  It was hard work.  I started out on my own, grew my business, and just sold it so I can be with my grandkids.

“Garbage!” he said.  “I became rich because of garbage.”

We got to talking about what I did and when he learned that I was a hypnotist, he looked at me sideways and said, “Now, you sound like a smart guy, but come on…  Hypnosis?”

I smiled as he continued, “The way I see it, you shouldn’t need someone to tell you what to do.  If you want something bad enough, you’ll just do it.”

I told him that I could not disagree with that, ultimately.  The challenge, however, is that there is often something deeper in the subconscious, something far stronger than just willpower that causes people not to act as they know they should.

That challenge…  is why I do hypnosis.  That is what makes it so interesting, to get to the real heart of an issue, to uncover that source and allow someone true permanent change.

I gave my airline seatmate a few examples:

A detective in the police force and former military fighter developed an extreme case of anxiety over any possible illness.  The slightest rash or bump or scratch or ache on his body caused him to devolve into something of an obsession that he simply could not get out of his mind.

Soon I will thoroughly detail his story, but to summarize:  His mother passed away very suddenly from cancer when he was young teen.  Many years later, when HIS routine doctor visit uncovered mild treatable skin cancer (which was treated and never returned for over 5 years), something triggered this phobic anxiety.  No amount of therapy, no amount of logic and reasoning, no doctor visit ensuring him that his accidental cut will heal served to calm his anxiety.

After a few sessions, he was finally able to achieve a state of hypnosis deep enough to go to the source of his anxiety.  He went to a time of his youth while his mother was sick and saw things from an entirely different perspective than he’d had just by remembering it and talking about it with a therapist.  I was also able to guide him through a conversation with his mother after she’d passed.  After almost two weeks after the session, he told me that he’d had “an epiphany.”  Something happened in his mind and after many years of not being himself, he told me, “I’m cured, doc!  Things don’t bother me like they did.”

Now, as a skeptic myself, did he REALLY have a conversation with his mother?  Did he really go back in time and re-experience this difficult time?  I can’t prove that he did.  Chances are it was just some sort of mental subconscious gymnastics that affected change.  But I also cannot prove that he did NOT do those things.  And even if he did or did not, it really doesn’t matter, does it?

Even if he just had a conversation with himself while in an altered state of consciousness, it still brought about a wonderful, positive change that he wasn’t able to do on his own or with the help of years of therapy.  For me, no matter what it truly was, it was fascinating to witness and to hear.

Getting back to my seatmate on the plane, after sharing this experience with him, he said, “I didn’t know you could do that with hypnosis.  Maybe there really IS more than just willpower.  I’m going to have to re-think my personal philosophy.”

“Re-think your personal philosophy?!” I said.

What I then said to him is the point of this post regarding New Year’s Resolutions:

Many people can set their mind on a goal and have the willpower and determination to follow through and make it happen.  I admire those people greatly.  They don’t need hypnosis.

But sometimes, no matter how strong, how stubborn, how dedicated, some people have a certain something deep down that is screaming out to them to seek out greater understanding on a mental spiritual level.  Some people’s subconscious (which is what I like to call that mysterious source when I can’t really pinpoint exactly what or why) is FORCING THEM in a very positive way to delve deep down and go to the heart of an issue so that true understanding and perspective can happen.

And when this happens, people experience things from a “whole self” perspective.  They don’t just remember – they feel, they see, they sense, and they immerse themselves in the spiritual energy of an event.

And once they do this, whatever was blocking them from achieving their greatest health and happiness is somehow pushed to the side and they can finally do what they want to do.

What you can achieve with hypnosis

What you can achieve with hypnosis

In summary, I hope you don’t need me to follow through with your goals.  But if you do, I can guarantee you that such a discovery as I described will be a fascinating, enjoyable, enlightening experience.

Happy New Year’s from Berkshire Hypnosis!


Should You Try Group Hypnosis?

Mark Patrick Hypnosis is coming to town once again. This is where, for $50-60, you can have one group hypnosis session and lose weight or stop smoking, guaranteed for life.

Should you try it?

Yes!  (Especially for smoking.)

Some may think this is odd that I’d recommend not spending their time and money with me in a personal session.  But that’s ok.  See, if you’re smoking (or overweight), I’d rather you be healthy no matter how you achieve it.

Know this:  Hypnosis works.

I’ve spoken with many people that have told me that they never thought hypnosis would make them stop smoking but they “went to one of those seminars at the Crowne Plaza” and sure enough, they “haven’t smoked in 20 years.”

For a lot of people, group hypnosis works.  So I say, go ahead and try it.  If it doesn’t work, usually it’s because someone wasn’t comfortable sitting in those chairs, or maybe because people were around them, or that they didn’t connect with what the hypnotist was saying before his/her session.  And some people just respond better to a personalized session.

So, again, I encourage you to try the hotel group hypnosis experience.  If you really put to your mind to it and allow yourself to be immersed in the experience, you’ll probably achieve your goal.

I have not personally checked out the additional products that they sell so I can’t vouch for those.  And I have not personally met the hypnotist, nor do I know what s/he says during the session.  All I know is that hypnosis works.

Give it a shot.  Really try to embrace it.  It is quite possible that will be all you need.

And if not, come see me and we’ll figure out a way to make hypnosis work for you.

Good luck!



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  6 Responses to “New Year’s Resolutions and Group Hypnosis”

  1. I was wondering how much hypnosis sessions cost. Can hypnosis be used to build confidence, optimism, and help someone become more outgoing?

    • Sessions cost $90 (which includes a CD recording of the session). 3 or more sessions are $60/session (up-front). 5 or more sessions are $50/session.

      Hypnosis can help someone become more comfortable with themselves. Confidence, optimism, and being more outgoing are simply a positive side-effect of this.

  2. Can Hypnosis help me to sleep, I have been taking med for about 5 years, it only give about 4,or 5 hours the most.

    • Yes, hypnosis is very effective for this. In fact, a SIDE EFFECT of hypnosis sessions is usually better sleep. I have developed a session specifically for people suffering insomnia. I record this personalized session onto a CD so that you can listen to it as you fall asleep. No drugs. No issues. Just deep, restful sleep. You’ll be amazed as how much better you feel.

  3. Can hypnosis help me quit smoking? How does it work? I am very interested in quiting. Thank you

    • Statistically, hypnosis has the greatest success when used to help quit smoking. How does it work? It somehow connects those parts of you that WANT to quit smoking with the other parts that can help you actually do it. Many people WANT to quit, but they need that little push from somewhere else. That push can very effectively come from your subconscious, which is where hypnosis comes in. Read other articles on this site and others and you’ll get greater insight.

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