As much as I’d like to say the costs will be $x for everyone, I have to be totally honest and say that this is just not the case.  Please read below and you’ll understand why.

We do not charge by the hour, but by the session. Each session lasts roughly 90 minutes of which 30-35 minutes is the actual hypnosis session. Sometimes the discussion/intake prior to the hypnosis lasts a little longer, so we try to allow at least 2 hours for the first session.  From there, sessions typically last 60-90 minutes total.

  • One session: $90
  • Three sessions: $180 up front ($60/session)
  • Five sessions: $250 up front ($50/session).  Any session beyond five sessions remains at $50 session.

The variation in the number of sessions depends on your particular challenge.

Smoking Cessation

The vast majority of smoking cessation clients require only one session ($90). Sometimes there are lingering issues or challenges, at which point we focus on those in the latter sessions, which is typically at least another two sessions.  Costs are pro-rated, thus another $90 will get you TWO more sessions (since the charge is $180 for three sessions).

Weight Loss

We have found that weight loss is different than smoking cessation in that the suggestions and the motivation tends to wear off over time until the person achieves their goal weight. No one really knows why a supposedly more addictable, more difficult to break challenge such as smoking can be overcome in just one session when weight loss suggestions sometimes wears off, but unfortunately that’s the pattern.  So, best success is achieved by figuring roughly 3-5 pounds of weight loss per week and then determining how long it will take to reach that goal.

If, for example, a person wants to lose 60 lbs, then that would take approximately 20 weeks. Typically, the first two sessions are 2 weeks in a row, then the remaining sessions are every other week or every 3 weeks if things are going well. This would be approximately 8 sessions total, or 8 x $50 = $400.

Usually, people seeking to lose weight already know exactly what to eat and that some sort of activity is necessary. So, even though nutrition suggestions and guidelines are available, the sessions will usually focus on affirming what the person already knows or what their dietician has suggested.

Also, since a majority of weight loss clients describe some sort of stress and/or emotional eating aspect, the sessions tend to focus on that instead of teaching some new way of eating or exercising. Keep in mind, though, that with EVERY session, even those that focus on stress or whatever else may be your issue, you will still have suggestions to eat what you know is right, at the right times, in the right amounts in addition to increasing your motivation to do some sort of exercise or activity.

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

The cost issue with anxiety and panic attacks can be a challenge and here’s why: With true anxiety, medicine and counseling usually do not truly work. Medicine just “dulls the senses” (for the lack of a better term) so that the brain stops working so much. This helps many people to function in daily life, but it does not address the true source of the issue. It’s like covering a loud noise with a blanket; some of the sound goes away, but you can still hear it, just muffled a bit. Counseling provides excellent tools to help diminish the problem or to help provide that needed distraction long enough for the anxiety or panic attack to pass. But again, the true source of the issue is not addressed.

In order to get to the source of the issue, a client needs to be able to access a deeper state of hypnosis than usual, which requires multiple sessions. And then, once the deeper states are accessed (2-3 sessions is usually enough to get to this point), the actual discovery and reframing process can begin. This usually takes another 2-5 sessions depending on the client.

Unfortunately, insurance does not accept hypnosis. Hence the financial challenge. 5 or more sessions costs $50/session (with at least $250 paid up front). The benefit, however, is this can literally change someone’s life for the better helping people finally live their life as opposed to living in that state of hesitation from having that fear of a panic attack that could come up at any time.

So, to repeat, therapy and medicine will help, but to get to the heart of the issue, hypnosis is your best bet. Therapy will help, even after the hypnosis. In fact, we encourage you to continue therapy since it’s always good to have someone help maintain a more even keel long-term.  You may simply find that your conversations are less about your times of panic and more about other areas in your life.

Stress (with no debilitating anxiety)

Stress, just stress without the debilitating anxiety and panic attacks, while still a huge challenge for most everyone, is much more manageable with hypnosis.  In fact, a SIDE EFFECT of hypnosis is reduced stress. So, if you’re experiencing significant stress, one session will help, but it’s highly recommended to experience at least three sessions of hypnosis.  The sessions will be recorded so you can listen to them in the future as other issues and challenges arise, allowing you to be reminded that, while your challenges may remain, your responses to these don’t have to result in all the negativity associated with high stress levels.

Other Challenges

There are many other reasons people come to Berkshire Hypnosis.  Some issues typically require one session (habits, such as nailbiting) while others requires more.  An initial phone conversation or in-person consultation is free, so please call (or text a good time to call) 413-358-8285.