The Healing Effect of Past Life Regression Therapy


One of the surprising benefits of discovering past lives is the curious ability to heal.

Dr. Edith Fiore (“You Have Been Here Before”) found that phobias and physical symptoms could often be traced to horrible past life deaths. For example, migraine headaches, chronic back and neck problems, and stomach disorders have been traced to deaths in which the patient was clubbed in the head, guillotined, hanged, or shot or speared in the same place on the body.

Physical ailments could also be the consequence of dying while in the grip of strong emotions — anger, guilt, sadness, or fear. These unresolved feelings kept the memory alive and showed up as physical symptoms in a later life.

Once the trauma was reexperienced under hypnosis, though, and the emotions processed with some guidance, the physical reminder of the past life experience cleared up and the symptoms disappeared.

But it’s far more than just traumatic events
Many clients have discovered fascinating stories of past lives that explained eating disorders, obsessions, talents, natural inclinations, chemical sensitivies, fears, attractions to certain places or people, athletic ability…

These are just a fraction of the limitless discoveries people have made.

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