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      One Response to “Contact Us”

    1. Dear Rob,
      Amazing stuff I turned up in my research after our session. I can’t wait to tell you all when we next get together.I forgot to set up the time and date to do our next session. I will be sending you some links to info I found. My numbers have to wait. I need to call the Holocause museaum archive workers this week to talk with them. After having read more, I need to commit at least part of our next session to glean a few more details .
      How about giving me a call so we can set a date? Another Fri or Sat at karen’s would be great.The afternoon time was better for me. I felt less fatigued.
      I am energized and excited and ready to continue on the quest. My research only validated my memories more, and was full of surprises.
      Thanks SO much,

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