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At Berkshire Hypnosis, we provide personalized sessions tailored specifically to your needs. The initial session usually lasts between 1 1/2 – 2 hours.  During the first hour, we learn as much as possible about your challenge.  We’ll explore what’s been holding you back, your key motivations and phrases, and what you would like to accomplish while working with us. 

Building on nearly 20 years of experience, we then formulate a personalized session consisting of the information you just provided us combined with what we’ve learned works best.

Often, it takes multiple sessions for long-term permanent results.  With some challenges, the results from hypnosis can “wear off” thus requiring follow-up sessions.  For other issues, such as smoking cessation, nail biting, and insomnia, one session is often enough.

The actual hypnosis session, typically lasting 35-40 minutes, is recorded onto a CD, which can be used to reinforce the session and to enhance the long-term results.

We have been fortunate to build a business mostly on referrals from those satisfied with the results. With nearly 20 years of experience, we have helped people with almost every imaginable challenge. The experience has proven invaluable, not to mention wonderfully interesting as each person sitting in that chair is a new world.

As this is a labor of love, and not out of necessity (meaning we have full-time professional jobs), evening hours after 4pm and Saturday mornings are preferred (but office hours are available during the day).

Please call or text 413-358-8285 or email to set up a consultation or appointment.

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  1. Hello, I am writing after searching for someone that can help me with my anxiety issues. I have tried medicine, and counseling and nothing seems to work. My problem(which probably causes more anxiety) is finding someone I can afford. Can you please let me know how much a session is and I can go from there? Thanking you in advance. Have a great day!

    • To be totally honest, the cost issue with anxiety can be a challenge and here’s why: With true anxiety, medicine and counseling usually do not truly work. Medicine just “dulls the senses” (for the lack of a better term) so that the brain stops working so much. This helps many people to function in daily life, but it does not address the true source of the issue. It’s like covering a loud noise with a blanket; some of the sound goes away, but you can still hear it, just muffled a bit. Counseling provides excellent tools to help diminish the problem or to help provide that needed distraction long enough for the anxiety or panic attack to pass. But again, the true source of the issue is not addressed.

      In order to get to the source of the issue, a client needs to be able to access a deeper state of hypnosis than usual, which requires multiple sessions. And then, once the deeper states are accessed (2-3 sessions is usually enough to get to this point), the actual discovery and reframing process can begin. This usually takes another 2-5 sessions depending on the client.

      Unfortunately, insurance does not accept hypnosis. Hence the financial challenge. 5 or more sessions costs $50/session (with at least $180 paid up front). The benefit, however, is this can literally change someone’s life for the better helping people finally live their life as opposed to focusing on the immediate challenge moment-by-moment.

      So, to repeat, therapy and medicine will help, but to get to the heart of the issue, hypnosis is your best bet. Therapy will probably help, even after the hypnosis. In fact, therapy is encouraged to continue since the debilitating anxiety and panic attacks will no longer be the issue, thus allowing for therapy to help maintain a more even keel long-term.

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