Who Were You in a Past Life?


Why are some children born to riches or to loving environments while others into poverty or neglect?2009 Fall AT - Cobble View Cheshire 093

What causes a musical prodigy?

Why do some people have phobias or odd compulsions totally unrelated to their childhood?

These are questions traditional therapy and religion cannot adequately answer. In fact, the only form of therapy that can provide an answer for EVERY trauma, phobia, incurable disease, compulsive disorder, birth disability, and so on, is past life regression therapy.

Sometimes the medical community can explain how a child came to be born blind; but it cannot possibly explain WHY. And often a psychologist can trace a person’s problems or anxiety to a moment that occurred during childhood; but this isn’t the case every time. And even if so, the question still remains, “Why was this child born into the situation of being abused?”

Sometimes, with enough therapy, a person can learn to mask or deal with these inexplicable issues. But if they don’t take care of the SOURCE of the problem, the problem often remains as a deep-seated issue.

And what about those cases where there is no connection to childhood circumstance? How can a person, then, get help?

The bottom line is this:
There are many circumstances or conditions for which we can can see no cause or reason unless we can accept the theory of reincarnation.

What is Karma and Reincarnation?
Karma is the totality of a person’s actions and thoughts in previous lives which influences conduct in the present life. Stated simply: Reincarnation is a Law of Cause and Effect.

“What you sow shall you reap.”

It is Self meeting Self.

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