Low-Carb or Low-Fat, Low-This or Low-That


One expert says that low-carb diets are best.  Another expert says low-fat is the only way to maintain long-term weight loss.  Hold it, I just heard that high protein is the way to go, except that the vegetarian doctor and uber-athlete says that the need for tons of protein is a myth.

We must pay attention to the Glycemic Index in foods, the lower the better, except for some because they have high nutritional value.  Nuts… they’re good, right?  No?  Too much fat.  But it’s the good fat…?

Maybe I should just count calories.  Most RDA amounts are based upon 2000 calories a day.  But, who eats only 2000 calories a day?  Doesn’t matter, I still need to count.  So… where’s my calculator?  And how does all that ketchup on my fries factor in?  But those were fried in a special, low-calorie oil instead of cheap stuff, so that’s better right?

Ok, wait.  The Banta Diet sounds good: Fat Burning Index is a tool that allows scientists to define potential influences of foods on lipolysis – the process of “burning” body fat for fuel. The higher the Index, the more fat your body will burn. To lose more body fat, you should eat foods with high Fat Burning Index.  So we can lose fat without watching portions or counting calories, carbs, or fat.  Cool!

But shouldn’t I eat certain foods with other foods while not with others so that digestion is aided.  And when do I fast?  Before or after, and what if I’m new to fasting?  Should I take it easy and only fast when I’m not worried about diarrhea?

And I want to live as long as possible, so I’ve read that mice live nearly twice as long on calorie restriction diets.  Similar effects have been noticed in humans.  Is this the same as the raw foods diet?

But if I don’t get enough fiber, none of this matters.  And don’t forget that our soil has long been depleted of most nutrients, vitamin supplements are an absolute must since our food has less nutrient value than it did when the RDA was created.

Ok, geez… this is all way too much.

I just want to swallow a few pills that will block my body from transforming my food into fat, while also melting away the fat while I sleep.

Please say it’s possible.


Who am I to say, actually?  Or you, or anyone?  How can we argue that one expert is right and the other is wrong?  They both have studies proving that if people stuck to their diets, they lost weight.

So what do we do?

How do we eat?

What program should we follow to finally get rid of these extra 30-40 pounds?

Here’s the answer, and you’re not going to like it because you already know the answer…

Pick one and stick with it.

And when you no longer feel motivated to stick with that one, either change to another or..


Just eat healthy.

Reduce your portion size.


Stay away from foods containing lots of processed ingredients.

And so on and so forth.

Just do what you already know to do.  And if you can’t do that, go to a hypnotist, or join a group, or do something, ANYTHING, that will help you remain motivated to make yourself a little healthier.

At some point in your life, you will have the opportunity to do good.  You actually have that opportunity right now.  Either way, if you have that inner desire to do this – to do good, to help, to smile, to make the tiniest slightest improvement in someone else’s life, then wouldn’t it be a really good thing to extend YOUR life just a little bit longer – or maybe a LOT a bit – so that you can maybe touch a few more people throughout your life than you would if you remain, say 30-40 pounds heavier and continue to live a sedentary life?

And yes, I may be getting a bit too philosophical, but don’t we all at some point in our lives?  This just happens to be my turn.

Some people think that they must do something really BIG and make headlines in order to change the world.  As a hypnotist who has conducted many past life regressions in which I always ask at the end, “What was the purpose of this life, and did you accomplish it?” I have learned something quite valuable…

So many people’s purposes were simply to be good to others and to appreciate the life they were given, no matter how big or small.

With every regression, I keep hoping for some groundbreaking, life-changing, deep philosophical answer to the meaning of life.

And I’m continually disappointed because all I keep getting is what I just said…

Be good to others and appreciate the life you were given, no matter how big or small.

All I ask is that you choose to be healthy so that someday, when someone regresses THEIR life to discover YOURS, they’re not realizing that this simple life purpose was not met.

So, again, please…

Be healthy.

And smile.  Smiling is good.

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  1. I just smiled.

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